Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unhappy ice cream

We had a meetup at BW3 tonight and one of the other mom's mentioned that Marble Slab Creamery was right down the way and we should stop by. I thought that sounded like a good idea so told the kids that I would take them. We walked down there, I ordered the kid's stuff and then proceeded to order myself a kid's sized birthday cake. I was told that I couldn't have a kid cup because I wasn't a kid. I told the girl that I didn't WANT that much ice cream, I just wanted a little bit. She apologized and offered me the frozen yogurt, which has less calories. The point wasn't the calories. The point was, I had JUST eaten dinner and I didn't want much but I certainly didn't want vanilla frozen yogurt. I simply wanted a kid cup of birthday cake. :( In retrospect, I should have asked for 2 or 3 different samples and been done with it, since they wanted to be that way about it. I won't be back. Honestly, if I hadn't promised the kids ice cream, I would have walked out right then.

Their ice cream isn't that good and certainly isn't worth the price over something like DQ. Honestly, the only things they had going for them over Cold Stone was the fact that you could get unmixed ice cream and a little cheaper and they actually have parking. Unfortunately, it seemes the "un-mixed" doesn't seem to exsist anymore because everything included "one mix in" blah So now they have parking going for them and that isn't enough to drive all the way over there and eat substandard ice cream.

In other news, I baby sit for my friend K today. She was worried that M and S would be too much trouble but, seriously, her kids are so freaking easy, especially compared to Lizzie! We walked to the park and then M found our train table and it was all good. Lizzie really seemed to like having the chance to be the "big kid". On the way to the park, she provided running commentary about everything we were seeing to M (although she called him S the whole time LOL). Once we got home, she kept telling him "don't worry M, I'll handle this" LOL The only snafu that we had was when we were at the park and Lizzie had to potty. M was impressed with having to leave the park to take her to the bathroom. He kept telling me "nah, nah" and waving my hand away. Finally, I had to carry him and S one on each hip. He was even less impressed with that and decided that walking and holding my hand was a better choice LOL When they left, some snacks got left behind. Lizzie was upset that they got left but then said "but it's ok mommy, I can eat them" :)

And no, K, I don't feel even a little weird writing about people that I know will read this. Dh and my brother read all the time and I write about them sometimes. That is the parell of reading blogs :)


quigs78 said...

I was totally LOL'ing at your description of M and the "nah, nah." I could totally picture him doing it and it cracked me up...

Mix-in creamery places are a hoax and overpriced - gimme DQ anyday.

Dana said...

Joel and I last ate at Marble slab... mmm... a while ago. I ended up vomiting and haven't been back since. Sigh. But sometimes I have hopes that it was just me and not the ice cream. As it is, we're a Jarling's family... Joel's addicted to cold fudge.

But he also really likes the French Silk blizzard from DQ. And I'm an old timer who likes the dipped vanilla cone. Periodically though, I wear my coat with the deep pockets and we sneak our blizzards into the movies. :-P