Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A day in my life

So Looseyfur asked us to blog "A Day in our life" and I'm doing that for today

Wake up to the sound of the kids changing beds and trying to play together quitely (they do this every morning and lasts for all of ten seconds before I have to yell at someone for something)
Try to go back to sleep, hoping I won't have to yell this moring.

Yell at The Boy for hitting his sister with the view master. Yell at Ms Thang for trying to take the view master away from him.

Turn on cartoons
Get online
Play around on facebook for a while

Change cartoon
Read for 30 minutes

email Quigs to see what they are up to this morning.
Decide to meet at the library at 9:30
Hustle to get the kids dressed and fed so we can be there on time

RF gets up just as I'm telling everyone to use the bathroom so he goes with us

Get to the library
Wait for Quigs to get her babies out of the car and join us
Ms Thang almost gets yelled at by the librarian for being too loud because she wore her party shoes and was stomping around the entrance. I wished her good luck in getting my child to do anything she doesn't want to do.
Play at the library were The Boy put on a rousing puppet show for PG, MT and Bubba.
Ran into everyone I know at the library. Quigs had a good laugh at the fact that I knew nearly everyone that was there :)

Quigs babies are melting down so they leave. we turn in the kids summer reading forms and I signed up for the adult summer reading program. I tried it a couple of years ago but couldn't remember to fill out the forms so although I read the books, I didn't get any credit for them :(

Home and started lunch for everyone.
The kids watched Scooby Doo while they ate

Put Lizzie down for her nap

Dozed off myself

Woke up from my nap
Cleaned the living room

Talk to my mom, who called to see if the backyard had been mowed yet.
Came back down stairs to find that Ms Thang had gotten up from her nap.
Got the kids ready to go to the pool

Got to the pool
Covered everyone in sunscreen (although I think I missed some of my spots because my shoulders feel a bit warm)
Watched Ms Thang jump in and climb out repeatedly
Talked to a mom whose daughter used to go to daycare with MT. She filled me in on some interesting gossip

drug the kids out of the pool
Got dressed
Ran by McDonalds for some ice cream
Stopped by the store for salad and baby carrots

Got home and lit the grill for dinner
Prepped the chicken, tossed it on the grill
played with the kids in the yard while dinner cooked

My mom got home and we chatted for awhile

dinner is finally done
made my salad
got the kid's food (because chicken breast aren't good enough, because they aren't chicken legs blah)

Finished eating
Called the IRS to see where the heck my refund is (not my stimulus check since that is done spent but the other piece of my actual refund that they can't seem to send me, even though it has been 9 weeks since I sent the paperwork they asked for)

Walked to Deals to look for a banana clip since Quigs said the Piggies are a no go :) They didn't have one so I'll look at Walgreens tomorrow.

Came home and played with the kids in the back yard. I'm thinking of changing The Boy's name to Mark McQuire because while we were playing baseball, he was nailing them out of the yard. Fortunately, the neighbors weren't pissed that the ball dropped on their patio while the were eating dinner.

Brought the kids home and let them watch a cartoon show
Read my book while they did that

did bedtime
Argued with The Boy that he didn't get to pick a show
Then argued with MS Thang about going to the bathroom
Then argued with TB about who got read to first tonight
Read to MT and then TB

Bedtime done
Came into the living room
Read emails
Read blogs

watching "Code Name: The Cleaner"
Started this post

Finished this post

going to play on facebook for a bit
have some candy
and then go to bed


Looseyfur said...

I have to admit a high level of jealousy for your backyard. Also, X-man and I are definitely up for Crystal Lake Pool when we get back from Rockyford.

I'll try to drop in, but I'm not sure how the week is gonna go. Have a great time with Quigs N Company during the move. I'm sorry to miss it.

Oooh, and Quigs isn't going north on July 4 weekend... if you guys don't have any plans, maybe we should try to do something that weekend?

The Fearless Freak said...

Unknown as for plans. Typically we go to my grandma's house but MT hates fireworks and the stuff in grandma's home town has gotten lame! It used to be an all day EVENT and now it is a parade a few cheesy games at the park and fireworks.

That sounds like a good time if we aren't going anywhere though :)

Yeah, the back yard makes up for a lot of the sins of the house :)

Quigs78 said...

Meh...tell your grandma to come here and we'll have our own little Freak Family Fest.

Do you really want to know what I think of banana clips? ;)

The Fearless Freak said...

My grandma IS cool. She could totally hang LOL

I figure the banana clip gets 2 thumbs down as well but at least with it, I'm trying to be retro instead of either slutty(think Britney in her first video) or 3 years old (like the girl at the library today LOL)

Quigs78 said...

Do the pigtail thing, but then rock a skull bandana over it. Then you're a badass and no one will call you slutty or 3, because they'll be scared of you. :)

The Fearless Freak said...

That is a good call. Now, to find an awesome skull bandana :)

abyss said...

Just FYI for everyone I would LOVE to do something the 4th since I have that day off. I have always thought of her grandmas home town thang is pretty lame, but im assured that I totally missed the heyday of it all, though I doubt it.