Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting going

This girl needs some serious work on getting moving in the AM. My kids leap out of bed, ready to get on with the day. Not DSD. I know she likes to sleep in, but she is sleeping in the living room and that doesn't happen around here. This morning, I woke her up at 8 when I got up at 9:30, I had to threaten to make her leave in her PJs to get her to ACTUALLY get dressed. I must have said "alright, get up and get dressed so we can leave, we are all waiting on you" at least 10 times before I finally took her blanket and she finally sat up but wouldn't get dressed. At 9, I told her "the kids are going to watch this episode of Handy Manny and then we are leaving, you have the choice of getting dressed or going to BK in your jammies" At ten after, I asked if she was going in her pajamas or if she was getting dressed. She said dressed. By 9:15, she finally had her shirt changed but she was still in her bottoms. At 9:25, I reminded her AGAIN that if she didn't get moving she was going in public in her pajamas. At 9:30, I turned off the TV and herded the littles upstairs to get shoes. She was a few moments behind but did manage to finally get her jeans on (she insists on wearing jeans no matter how hot it is). It just drives me crazy that it takes her that long to get moving in the morning, especially when I tell her repeatedly to get moving.

Tomorrow, we go boating then she going with MIL and FIL Monday Tuesday and Weds then back next weekend and so on. I'm not totally sure when she is leaving because MIL said before the 4th but she said July 6th.

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