Friday, June 6, 2008

Wisconsin Dells Review - Dells 4D FX theater and Tommy Bartlett's Exploratory

The Dells 4D special FX Theater runs a 15 minute double feature of a Funhouse ride and Marvin the Martian cartoon or a dinosaur attack and runaway log ride. I thought that it was 4 seperate movies so we picked Marvin the Martian because he is AWESOME! Ms Thang and I went in and she freaked out at the fun house ride. She didn't like the 4D effects and the stuff was too much "in your face" even without the glasses. Unfortunately, the 3D was poorly done as well and instead of feeling like things were coming at us, it felt like things were fuzzy and just ended up giving me a headache. The Boy thought the dinosaur attack was really awesome and highly recommends it. It isn't something I would do again but it wasn't the most terrible thing I've ever done.

Next was the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory. It was basically a small children's museum/science center. The kids really enjoyed it and we spent over 2 hours working our way through the whole place. It was small and was a little pricey (nearly the same price as the Indy Children's Museum which is the pinnacle of children's museums), but we had a coupon that saved some money, plus I think it was worth it to have something that the kids really liked. There were small exhibits but there was enough stuff that Ms Thang could do and TB was entertained as well. It is truely a rare event when we find something that keeps both kids entertained for any length of time.

If you go to the Dells with young children, take some time and visit the Exploratory (especially if the weather is yucky and you need to do something indoors for a few hours).

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Lavender Lemonade said...

These reviews are awesome freak. My parents have a timeshare up there now and we were there for Thanksgiving last year, and we'll be there the week before Christmas this year. A lot of stuff is closed because its off season, but as you know many of the waterparks are indoors. So its always good to know of other indoor activities to do. :)