Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's day fun

We went to Monticello to the Railway museum for the Father's day ride. My dad, RF and the kids rode and then we picked them up at the depot and took them to McDonald's for lunch. After we got our food, we went over to the park because the play place is outside and was SCREAMING hot from the beaitng sun.

When we got home, The Boy figured out that he had enough money to buy his Indiana Jones whip that he has been DESPERATE for since he saw it. We went to Meijer and let him get it. Before we left, Ms Thang insisted on counting her money too because if TB was getting a whip, then she needed one too. She had enough but we talked her into a "Taders of the Lost Arc" Mr Potato head. After she got that, she had just enough money to buy another outfit and surprisingly, she picked the doctor over the pirate. I was pretty amazed. On the way out, my mom caused quite the ruckus. Those of you that know her are probably rolling your eyes and thinking "what did she do now" I can guarantee that it isn't even close to what you are thinking. At the front of the store, they have the soda fountain. Apparently, someone had spilled some ice that she stepped on and managed to slip and fall. When she fell, she knocked into Ms Thang and knocked her over into one the flat bed carts that someone had there. She landed on her knee and scraped her leg. MT banged her head against the floor and scraped her leg on the cart. She was crying, mom was laying on the floor and The Boy was halfway to the car because he was just bopping along ahead without us. I got MT and finally TB came back to where we were. The manager was summoned, as well as about half the staff in the store to clean up the mess. They insisted that mom fill out a report and they wanted to take her to the car in a wheel chair. They also gave her an ice bag because her knee was starting to swell. MT wouldn't quit crying and they started trying to make a fuss over her as well. People that she didn't know in her face was not what she needed. I don't think she was all that hurt (although her leg was bleeding, which I didn't notice until we got to the car) but she was scared that Nonni was really hurt because she wasn't getting up right away. They ended up both being fine.

Eventually, we got done and were able to leave. We went to the pool for awhile and watched the dark clouds roll in. Then we came home and watched the winds go freaking crazy and then pour for about 10 seconds, only to have the sun come out shortly after that. We had Pizza Hut for dinner (the P'Zones are FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC)MT managed to miss her nap today so I put them to bed at 7 because they were both so tired. She was asleep before I was done reading to The Boy so I knew she was wiped. We watched the rest of "The Game Plan" and I spent some time trying to edit a video for the kids (we have a DVD recorder and I recorded some Scooby Doo movie off Cartoon Network that has commericals in it which cause MT to freak and scream that they be fast forwarded), only to find out that my converter only converted 30 minutes of the hour and a half money. Blah. Dh found out that his video editing software is really easy to use so he did the files for me instead.

Now, I'm going to read and go to bed, since we have a crazy busy day tomorrow :)


Quigs78 said...

Poor Nonni and MT! That's it - I'm boycotting Meijer and only shopping at Target - in their honor.

Mmmm...I'm gonna pull a Freak and have dinner for breakfast. Gonna get me a PZone.

Lavender Lemonade said...

Sorry to hear about the Meijer mishap! Yikes. But early to bed for the kiddos always makes a mom happy. :)