Friday, June 27, 2008

Ms No Fear

Do you guys remember the old "No Fear" shirts that had various sports logos on them? They were seriously based on Ms Thang. She has no fear about anything or anyone. We were at the pool the other day and there were some older boys, probably 12 or 13, who were horsing around. First they ran past her and she yelled "NO RUNNING" Then a bit later, she was getting ready to jump in and the same boys were pushing each other on the deck near her and one of them bumped into her. The guard blew her whistle at them and before she could say anything, Ms Thang whipped around and yelled "Hey watch where you're going!" A little later, the same boys were dunking and acting stupid in the water and one about ran her over. She grabbed his arm, between his shoulder and elbow and shook it a little while yelling "I TOLD you to WATCH it"! The guard told them to get out of the pool because she was tired of it but I think the kid was more scared of MT than of the guard LOL


Looseyfur said...

I think you should change the "meanness" link reference to:

"whipping ass and taking names"

Lavender Lemonade said...

I can't wait to see what MT is like when she's 30. Who knows maybe she'll be some fancy pants, hardball lawyer, or start a huge Biker Girl bar chain, or maybe a police woman...or maybe a "i won't take your crap" mother of triplet boys. HA.