Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wisconsin Dells Review - Knuckleheads and "Top Secret"

First up is Top Secret it is an upside down white house that also houses many government secrets, including Nessy, Big Foot and some Roswell aliens (and some other things that I can't talk about here LOL) It was pretty cheesy but we had a good time. There were some neat effects and The Boy had a good time. There were a few spots where he was a little scared but overall, he thought it was fun. This is not a place for young children. There are many places that have dim lighting, mazes and loud noise. Ms Thang would have HATED it and the other kids on our tour weren't too impressed with it either. Our tour guide moved us through a little faster than I would have like but some of the kids were getting antsy so he did a good job of reading the general mood of the group and tailoring his speil to that. Over priced but then what isn't. Enjoyable to older kids and young tweens (and adults that act/think like kids :) ) and gets 3.5 stars from me.

Next was Knucklesheads. It is an indoor family entertainment and gaming center. It had a few carnival style rides and a lot of video games. They also have bowling, food and a play structure for the younger kids. Again, pricey (2 or 3 dollars for each ride) but fun. If you go, plan to spend quite a bit of time (we spent 2 hours before we had to head for home but we could have spent a fair amount more time) and even more money. It was a good activity for a rainy yucky day where the kids could run and play. I give it 4 stars

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