Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jail break

As some of you know, Ms Thang is a RAGING bedtime klepto. For several weeks, she would get up nearly every night and wonder the house looking for things to take to bed with her. Typically she ended up in the kitchen and would take food to bed. More than once, I would find a whole loaf of bread that she had shredded the plastic on and then tore up several slices all over her bed. One night, she got the can opener and managed to get it stuck in her hair. Knowing that she would be in trouble if I found, she either pulled it out herself or enlisted the aid of her brother. Either way, when I went to bed, I found the can opener laying on the extra pillow in her bed with hair stuck in it. Being the smart mommy that I am, I put up a gate. That way, I could leave the door open (she FREAKS if I close the door) and The Boy could still get to the bathroom but she couldn't get to the kitchen. Being the not so smart mommy that I am, I didn't even think about her getting stuff out of the bathroom. After the toothbrushes when missing and MT "found" them under her bed ("I don't KNOW HOW they got under my bed but I found them"), I started closing the door to the bathroom. The Boy can open it and she can't so it pretty much solved the problem (although I do still find random things from around the bedroom, like the crystal on the night light, in her bed but none of those distress me like the food did).

Tonight, I was sitting in the living room talking to Radioactive Freak and I hear a crash coming for the kitchen. I knew I hadn't gotten the gate up very well and thought it had falled over. I came in to find the gate attached by 3 pegs and Ms Thang halfway over the side that had fallen. In my best mommy voice I asked "WHAT are you doing?" She gave me the "deer in the headlights" look and said "I was thought I might break down the gate"
Me: Oh really? And WHY would you do that?
Her: Well I thought I might like to tell you something
Me: And that would be?
Her: When I get bigger I can play those doggy games (no idea what this is but she tells us that a hundred times a day) and go off the big diving board and the little diving board.
Me: Yes but right now you have to go to bed.
Her: Oh MOMMY!


~rachel~ said...

That is hilarious!!! I get annoyed when Rowan just wants a million stuffed animals- I guess I should be glad it's not food!

Looseyfur said...

Okay, MT is awesome. I never took food to bed as a kid. But, um, sometimes I'm lazy and have grape in bed now.