Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wisconsin Dells Review - Kalahari Resort

Our first night here, we stayed at Kalahari Resorts. It gets a serious 5 stars. It is kind of expensive (twice what we paid at the Comfort Inn) but well worth the price if you or your kids like water parks. They say they are "America's Largest Indoor Waterpark" and they aren't kidding. They have a wave pool, 2 activity pools with basketball and "jungle crossings". They also have a lazy river, several body slides, 2 raft/family slides, a kiddie play area with sprayers and the very best thing is the Flow-rider. Besides having all of that to do, there is an entire outdoor water park to enjoy. We didn't spend much time there because it was cool and over cast pretty much the entire time we were there. In addition to the water, they have 2 different resturants plus several snack bars and a "Damon's Resturant" on the property. They have several gift shops, including a sweet shop. My recommendation is to save your money at the candy shop and head into the down town Wisconsin Dells where there is a candy store every block or so and the candy there is cheaper :) They have a kids areas as well, where, for a fee, you can decorate cookies, color take home souveniers and participate in scavenger hunts (we did and won a free large pizza and drinks for our efforts).

Besides, the all inclusive nature of the resort (they also have a day spa, but we did not indulge because it was really pricey), the staff is fantastic! Every person I dealt with was friendly and VERY helpful. Special consideration goes to Jeremy G and Tyler, lifeguards in the waterpark. They certainly worked hard for their money the night we saw them. They were both working the Flow-rider and were stellar with the kids (and some nervous adults). Tyler was the first to mention that Ms Thang could ride with a guard and he took her on her ride. When we motioned that she was ready to get off, he promptly pulled her off and then apologized that he couldn't see her face so he didn't know. He also chatted with the people waiting, keeping them entertained. Jeremy G was at the bottom of the ride and he was showing people how to do the various tricks that could be done on the ride. He would lay on his board and demonstrate, repeatedly, getting to his knees, then how to barrel roll, etc. All the while watching the person's form and yelling (the surf is really loud, you couldn't hear without screaming) instructions and motioning for them to do things.

Coming soon, reviews of "Dells 4D theater", "Tommy Barlett's Exploratory", "Knuckleheads" and "Top Secret"


JNT said...

Have you stayed at any other resorts in the Dells? I was just wondering about any other great recommendations?

The Fearless Freak said...

No other resort recommendations, although Mt Olympus looks really nice. Tonight and tomorrow (now that we are home), I have plenty of recs about things to do while you are there though :)