Saturday, June 14, 2008

More update-y goodness

Last night, the kids stayed at my mom's house so I totally got to sleep. It was nice :) Today, we hung around and then went to breakfast at IHOP. When Ms Thang asked me if I wanted to go she asked if I wanted to go to eye patch LOL

We came home and played outside for a bit then I put MT down for her nap. It was early but she was super tired and went to sleep pretty fast. While she napped, I played Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii, which is awesome (just like Lego Star Wars), in a completely nerdy kind of way.

After the nap, we went to the pool. We got there about 2 and played for awhile. At 2:50, they blew the whistle telling us to get out of the pool. Strange since "safety check" is on the hour. The guard told us there has been an accident in the kiddie pool and since it is a combined system, the big pool had to be cleared too. Then they announced that the pool was closing for the day. WTF? We got dressed and when we left, we found out that the accident had been of the runny variety and there was no way to ensure that it was cleaned out without dumping a ton of chemicals in it and waiting 8 hours for the system circulate it all through

Then, we went to the Urbana Park District's Strawberry Jam. We also watered the CARE garden while we were there (it still needs weeded and the door needs to be fixed for real but we did what we could). We had a little cup of ice cream and strawberries, the kids got some US Cellular swag and played for awhile then we rode the hayrack and came home.

I cooked dinner while the kids played outside then I put them to bed and now I'm watching The Game Plan. Cute and predictable but not taxing to my brain in any way :)


Quigs78 said...

Reason number 437 why I don't want to go to the pool...

abyss said...

Hey Quigs has the internet again!!! "The people" must have finally shown up



Mommy Schiff said...

I'm liking the Indiana Jones Lego thing too. I watch Daddyschiff and JB play =)

VeganLinda said...

Yuck! Poor kids and poor parents. Glad we have a private pool close by. I missed Strawberry Jam again! Grrr. I need to keep these things on my calendar. I can't get into the Lego video games, but I'm sure the kids would love it.