Monday, June 2, 2008

Vacation update

We made it through the weekend in MN. I was really worried because my aunt has a low tolerance for kids and mine are pretty difficult under the best circumstances. They did AMAZING. Saturday, Ms Thang didn't get a nap so she was on the verge of a serious meltdown most of the afternoon. Even still, she managed to chat up people at the graduation party and was generally charming. Things went down hill when she was laying on the trampoline crying and refusing to get up, but yelling at the kids to stop bouncing her. The Boy met a girl about his age and they ran all over my cousin's house and yard and had a super time.

Sunday, they all went to graduation and we went to the park. Graduation ceremonies suck, even for people you know well. They don't know my cousin at all so they couldn't have cared less.

Today, we drove back to WI Tonight, we are staying at Kalahari Resorts, then tomorrow evening we move to a cheaper hotel and stay 2 nights there. The kids have been having a super time in the water park. We have stayed at a lot of waterparks and this one is by FAR the biggest and the best. There are 2 kiddie pool, 2 activity pools, a wave pool, a bunch of slides (including 2 family slides), a surf ride and countless hottubs (actually I think there are 5 but it seems pretty endless). MT is napping right now because she was wiped out :)

PS, my head band dried out fine and I was able to wear it to the party on Saturday night.


Quigs78 said...

Kalahari looks awesome! I'm so glad you guys are having fun (and that the family stuff went well)...we miss you!

Misc said...

We stayed at the Copa Cabana - pretty cheap rooms plus they have an indoor water play area that is super fun. And they give you free tickets to a water park.

Hope it's warm and not rainy there.