Friday, June 20, 2008

Going good

Dsd is here for the summer. Usually she says at MIL's house most of the time but she does come visit on the days that dh has off. She was here yesterday and it went really well. So well in fact, that I told dh she could stay today while he worked and then again tonight and could go back to MIL's tomorrow. Ms Thang was so upset this morning when she thought she had to leave. She keeps calling her "that girl" or just "girl" because she can't remember her name. LOL She was crying and bawling and begging us not the sent "that girl" home because she LOVED her.

Things sort of went bad this afternoon when they were playing because she was getting a little mean and The Boy was getting a little wild. We seperated them and then MIL showed up to take her to lunch. She ended up taking both of them and is going to bring TB back after then she is taking DSD shopping for the afternoon. I asked her to have her home by 3 so we can go to the farm (Quigs says that I have to go because my excuses weren't good enough) She isn't sure if she will make it but offered to just drop her off over there when they get done. That is fine, I think everyone needs a litle break for a while, this afternoon


Quigs78 said...

I'm glad you went to the farm, even if I only got to talk to you for three minutes. And I think DSD was doing a fab job with the kids, mine included, both yesterday and today.

And MT couldn't have been any cuter when she said "Prolly I'm gonna miss you," and gave me a hug. :)

libbygirl said...

Good to see you guys today! Lightning McColin had fun chasing "America" and the others around the paths, so far no signs of poison ivy.